Modelling COVID-19 Using Conspiracy Theory

Modelling COVID-19 Using 5G Conspiracy Theory


The COVID-19 is now a world pandemic. Some academics talk about modelling it. Looks like some noise, however. What exactly is a model? And how does a model work? In this write up, I discuss the standard procedure for modelling. I begin with what a model is.

A model is an explanation of a phenomenon. An example of a phenomenon is the outbreak of
the Corona Virus, popularly known as “COVID-19”. To model a phenomenon, you must define
its parameters. By this, I mean, the factors influencing the occurrence of the phenomenon. The
first step to develop a model, therefore, is to do exploratory research on the phenomenon to
identify the activities associated with its occurrence. Once the activities are known, one can
examine the relationships between and among activities to identify clusters of variables.
Variables within a cluster are said to explain a factor, but the factor is not immediately known
until the underlying dimension is discovered. One great attempt to model COVID-19 is the
conspiracy theory, credited to Dr. Chris Oyakhilome—the General Overseer of Christ Embassy.

A phenomenon is the outcome that we all experience in a society. It could be a problem or an
invention such as artificial intelligence, but there must be a cause. Problem occurs because of the
interaction between context and mechanism variables. What this simply means is that every
problem occurs within a context, and once those context factors are controlled, the problem
ceases to occur. To control context factors means to attack the context-causal factors, using
mechanism variables or factors. However, mechanism factors are time bound, so that when such
factors expire, a phenomenon bursts, which we all experience as a problem. In the case of
COVID-19, what are the context factors? If we do not know the context factors, then we
cannot model COVID-19. In blunter terms, we cannot create mechanisms to checkmate its
occurrence. Clearly, a vaccine is a mechanism—an antidote. In the case of COVID-19, scientists
all over the world are in search of a vaccine for it. Who has invented one?

5G conspiracy theory attempts to unearth the contextual factors that trigger COVID-19 and the
link to the 5G project of the world. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome unravelled the mystery of COVID-19
and the 5G network. Some have disputed the theory, using logic. One such logic is that the 5G
network has been in operation in some countries and people have not been dieing in those
countries until now, leading to the conclusion that 5G is not associated with COVID-19. This
might be an instance of a non-sequitur, because the argument and the conclusion beg the
question: “why installing the 5G network at this time of pandemic?” People are dieing, the
government is spending the people’s hard-earned savings to tackle the virus, yet it is the “best
time” to install the 5G network. There should be a hidden agenda. What could it be? Conspiracy
theory gives an insight into this fundamental question.

The Corona Virus originated from China in late 2019, and hence, the acronym “COVID-19”.
Dr. Chris Oyakhilome explained that the purpose was to introduce artificial intelligence that would
bring the world under one government. Sound like a fine idea, isn’t it? COVID-19 was
manufactured as a mechanism to realize this movement. Even if a sound idea, the rate at which
people were dieing all over the world was sufficient to abandon the artificial intelligence project.

Dr. Oyakhilome appears correct: the world power used the pandemic period to install the great
5G network. If you say he is not correct, then why installing the 5G at a time when people are
dieing? The presidents of all nations were spending hard-saved earnings to fight the pandemic,
yet it was this time that is best to install 5G—there must be a hidden agenda. The president of
every country has ordered citizens to stay at home, except the workers installing the 5G
network. The workers were immune to COVID-19, suggesting that they have been injected with
a vaccine. So, what the great pastor said makes sense, and if not, then good for you!

The claim was that the 5G network is the ideal carrier for the conceived artificial intelligence. So,
the key-take home is that 5G is the ideal carrier to implement the world artificial intelligence,
and to realise the project, everyone must stay at home while installing the 5G. However, whether
the 5G network is also a carrier of corona virus is another kettle of fish. It may not be, but
certainly it is associated with it. According to Dr. Oyakhilome, COVID-19 was created to secure
voluntary consent for the injection of a vaccine into our body, which is a microchip, to act as
carrier of the so called artificial intelligence. With the microchip in our body, the world government
can tell where you are, what you were doing at a particular time, how much you have in your
bank accounts, etc. Fine idea! Corruption and robbery would be a thing of the past! Again, Dr.
Oyakhilome appeared correct, because the rumour came that the government would visit every
household to inject the vaccine into everybody against COVID-19. The pastor reasoned that if
everybody in the world carries the vaccine or the microchip—whichever name you prefer—then
it is equivalent to the Mark of the Beast, prophesied in the Book of Revelation in the
Bible—the holy book of Christians. This isn’t a bad generalisation, is it?

Well, artificial intelligence is not a bad idea but the way and manner that realisation is conceived
is unethical. First, we all have been deceived to stay-at-home so as to install 5G network, with all
sort of “cooked measures” (e.g. maintain social distance or physical distance, wash your hand
regularly with clean water and soap, use alcohol based sanitizer, padlock your mouth with mask,
etc). COVID-19 is real, but it was invented to implement artificial intelligence in which the 5G
network is currently being installed as the carrier network of the so much touted artificial

Second, and most importantly, many souls have been sacrificed to realise artificial intelligence.
As a social researcher, I know that unethical means may be used to implement a research idea if
the research is of great import, but the standard is to seek voluntary consent. In this instance,
artificial intelligence is a great project, but no consent is sought in any valid manner. Even if
sacrifice of souls or torture were not involved, ethical principles demand that subjects be
debriefed immediately after the experiment. This artificial intelligence project, however, does not
demand debriefing because those who needed to be debriefed are dead!

5G network has been in operation in some countries, but now it has been detected to be the
minimum carrier for artificial intelligence; so, it must now be installed in every country. People
in those countries were not dieing at that time because COVID-19 were not created to realise
artificial intelligence. The creation of COVID-19 is needed to secure voluntary consent for the

vaccine or microchip to be planted in us for the realisation of artificial intelligence. Makes sense,
isn’t it? Well, my advice is that we all should embrace artificial intelligence by agreeing to be
vaccinated with the microchip; after all, people had sacrificed their souls. Moreover, the world
powers have chosen Africa as the first continent to be covered with the vaccine for two reasons.
First, there is the need to protect Africans from dieing because they are poor to fight the virus.
Second, corruption and robbery are more prominent in Africa. So, we need artificial intelligence
more than any other continent.

Now, back from the digression. What then is the model that explains the outbreak of the
Corona Virus? Conspiracy theory provides the answer: 5G network and artificial intelligence.
This yields the model:

This model can be tested by regressing scores on 5G network and scores of artificial intelligence
on the number of deaths recorded from the outbreak of COVID-19 all over the world. Scores
on 5G network and artificial intelligence can be secured using the methodology of factor analysis
explained in my books: (1) Practical Research Methods: Design, Analysis & Reporting, (2)
Laboratory Research Manual Using EViews, and (3) Laboratory Research Manual Using SPSS,
and (4) Laboratory Research Manual Using Stata.

Dr. A. J. is a lecturer at the University of Lagos and blogs at

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