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Jovila Overview

we bring only the best to the table


we have beginners to expert courses on spss, e-view, excel, and stata turning you pro in matter of weeks

Research Learning

when it comes to research, we have the heads way..... come learn where learning is fun


we sell data for researcg and personal use. its cheap and affordable

Lecturers' Corner

Pulling experts resource from universities across the world making it possible for students to compare note and learn more

data uploaded
Materials shared
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course reviews

Directors' Boot

There is a lot to say…. just watch out for this space

Dr. Avwokeni J.A

head & director of jovila

Jovila Academy

top notch courses….. 
you wont regret learning any course here

Why Choose Jovila

Experienced Tutor

our courses are taken by the best

easy to use

straight forward and easy to use

you would come back to say thanks

nobody comes here and go the same way try us today.....

Our Books

Graphic Design

can be found in bookstores across nigeria

Art Direction

can be found in bookstores across nigeria

What Our Clients Say

Aenean lectus elit, fermentum non convallis sagittis
data analysis became easy with this site thx jovila
John Doe
i have all the data i need thx to jovila
Jane Doe
i ve enjoyed for the free resources on this site
John Doe
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